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Power Your Property With Energy To Spare


If you need completely uninterrupted power throughout your entire property at all times, the Guardian 22kW from Generac is the generator for you. Colbert Electric Inc. is on call and ready to take care of your installation and system integration needs. The 22kW can easily provide power to your property for weeks at a time and can be relied upon throughout all seasons.

  • Power the entire home

  • Low cost per kilowatt

  • Automated operation

  • Fuel efficient

High Power Without Equal

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With automated operation, your new generator will sping into action on its own.

Generac GE Briggs & Stratton

Installing your newly-purchased generator correctly will ensure it operates at peak performance always! Trust only our Generac-authorized technicians to install and service your 22kW generator.


We offer 24/7 service. So whenever you face an emergency with your generator, you know professional help is only a phone call away!

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